Random Cuties!

So, I'm going to bed early tonight because I have to get up hella early for this thing we're doing at church (Imagine that! I'm actually a huuuugggeee church boy)... Stopped by o boy's apartment, you know who I blogged about a few posts ago about how he's DL and really shady with it. But I like him and he has feelings for me and we want to date, blah blah blah. Yeah, him... I'm chilling over his appt right now (Thanks for the wifi bay!). Baking some Stuffed Green Peppers w my special red sauce; stopped by the Wine Loft and picked up a bottle of dinner wine. He had to take it hood and make some Kool-Aid though! smh! that's why I'm reallllyy loving him right now, he takes the Huxtables attitude right outta me...

So, after we smash this magnificent dinner, I'm trying to get me some...

If ya'll could see this negroe right now! Spongebob boxers, house shoes, and a killer smile. I guess the best things in life really are free...

but the crazy thing is, I don't want to jinx this. Every time I start falling for a guy, something happens. He changes, or I change, or he moves away, or cheating, the works. I'm the first guy he's every had anything other than sex with; he's really feeling me and I feel the same way. I always do this thing where the "what if" machine in my brain starts working...

Sidenote...We're gonna try him on bottom tonight! ;)

Enjoy the pics yall!!

Song of Solomon II

(Tonex now goes by the alias "Brian Slade")

Living Out Loud with Darian has the scoop on Tonex's (now called Brian Slade or B'Slade) latest project, the mixtape A Brilliant Catastrophe, and the brilliant single from his previous effort Dawn O' The Unicorn, "Get Over You."

As Darian reports, the single harkens back to the genius of Sylvester. (Word has it that Slade has been cast in the lead for an upcoming film on the life of Sylvester.) It's a certified club banger guaranteed to make you shake your body down to the ground.

The well-produced, well-performed track is cut above anything currently being played on radio.

"There's something 'bout this song that makes me feel good."

See for yourself.

A Brilliant Catastrophe will be released October 1, 2010. Dawn O' The Unicorn is available on iTunes. Follow Brian Slade on Facebook.

[Film Trailer] Night Catches Us

After an incredibly long dry spell, looks like Hollywood decided to give substantive films with a primarily black cast a chance again. 

Watch the trailer for Night Catches Us:

A Mercy

 (Alleged Bishop Long victim Jamal Parris)

In his first interview since accusing Bishop Eddie Long, Jamal Parris spoke to Fox 5 Atlanta about what he claims was a calculated seduction by the religious leader that began when he was a child.

Mr. Parris said:

[W]hile the media and the rest of the people around the city, around the country look at us like how could grown men let another man touch him, what you have to understand is this man has manipulated us since childhood," Parris explained. "This was our father and we loved him.

We would have to be the craziest kids in the world to want to come out and admit to another man touching on us publicly. To really believe this is about money would be absolutely ludicrous.

But that man can not look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain. While you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it. You can't say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man, you are a monster

Watch the video below:

Part I:

Part II:

Go Tell It on the Mountain XIII

(Acceptance: the Reverend Carlton Pearson)

I've discussed  Bishop Eddie Long at length, but right now, I want to focus on genius, uplift and inclusion.

Ladies and gentlemen, please watch the Reverend Carlton Pearson as he speaks a truth that too many are refusing to hear:

Let me just tell you: Bishop Eddie Long is just the tip of the iceberg. I think the universe is not judging, but correcting itself and we're having to confront these issues [about sexuality].

He makes that and other brilliant points.

Watch the video below:

The Cross of Redemption

 (Bishop Eddie Long and his "spiritual sons")

“I have never in my life portrayed myself as the perfect man,” Bishop Eddie Long said to his flock at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta Sunday morning in response to the allegations from four former church members who implicated the bishop in a sexual scandal. “But I’m not that man.”

His followers cheered at his performance, but failed to realize that in reminding them of his imperfection, Long was preparing them for what I think he knows will eventually make it into the light: that he did, at the very least, have consensual sexual relations with his four (and possibly more) young, male accusers, if not in the coercive fashion that they have alleged.

It’s a crafty Hail Mary that I’m sure Long hopes will grant him the leeway he needs to kinda-sorta admit to his crimes, while gaining his congregation’s forgiveness and maintaining the massive wealth he’s accumulated at their expense—the latter being the most crucial. It’s a cynical ploy, but one that unfortunately has a superb success rate. What he’s banking on is that his false humility will force his congregation to accept his proposition or face the prospect of becoming hypocrites themselves: As the mythology purports, forgiveness, particularly for someone of Long’s stature, is viewed as a God-like quality, quintessentially Christian.  Literally then, in the eyes of the church, Long can do no wrong—or at least, no wrong that cannot be forgiven and forgotten. (This is the same institutionally sanctioned mentality that absolves, and has absolved for years, pedophile priests in the Catholic Church.)

Or perhaps Long doesn’t even have to engage in anything nearly so Machiavellian: Maybe most churchgoers simply can’t admit to having been wrong about Long because if they were wrong about him, then what else could they have been wrong about: Church? The Bible? Christianity? God?

In this sense, religion and politics are virtually indistinguishable: The facts are irrelevant (or at least malleable). It’s all about the performance, about charm and charisma and what people can be persuaded to believe. It’s also about an appeal to ego, about corroborating the preferences and prejudices of the audience, even if one doesn’t possess a personal conviction in the views expressed.

Despite what religious leaders say, the end goal isn’t about community uplift or peaceful coexistence or equal rights for all or even a blissful afterlife. Quite the contrary, their actions clearly indicate that the aspiration is to generate conflict as a means to secure personal power and wealth right here on Earth. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Bishop Long is possibly the most homophobic preacher in the United States, but makes $3 million a year, lives in a $1.2 million mansion and drives a car worth $250,000, all of which are made possible through the support of his mostly poor to middle-class congregants? Homophobia is just the latest hustle.  And just like the misogyny and racism before it, it’s quite lucrative. It’s the wealth-generating aspect that allows closeted homosexual and bisexual preachers to reconcile the contradiction of their public pronouncements and their private exploits. Jehovah, it turns out, is just a spiritual means to a financial end.

Long’s homophobia, alleged closeted homosexuality and alleged duplicity aren’t even the most egregious aspects of this situation. It’s his alleged manipulation of the vulnerable young men who trusted him (some of Long’s supporters believe that all four boys, and anyone else who comes forward, are part of some devilish plot to discredit the bishop and prevent him from doing “God’s work”). It’s that someone like Long not only found voice, verve and protection in the black church, but also a large, abominable audience of kindred spirits--25,000 strong. In other words, the most horrible aspect of this is that he simply tapped into something that’s been true for longer than we care to admit: Nothing galvanizes the black community like the demonization of LGBT individuals. Nothing makes us give our tithes more freely (even when we don’t have them to give). Nothing makes us feel more righteous and superior. Nothing.

This is a point that cannot be denied, but will not be grasped by Long’s supporters or people like them. No, to people who prefer that others do the thinking for them—people who reject facts in favor of faith, who love fable but abhor reality—what I say sounds like blasphemy and they absolutely refuse to hear it. Instead, they will bury their heads in the ground like ostriches and soothe themselves with the sounds of their own voices: “No matter what he’s done, I support my bishop.”

This is the double tragedy of humankind: Someone will always offer Kool-Aid and someone will always drink it.

Some Son of Baldwin readers asked why I felt worthy to “judge” Bishop Long and how I could be so certain of his guilt when the trial has yet to begin. Honestly, I’m not judging Bishop Long, simply measuring his actions against his words. This is a man who used his wealth and influence to make the lives of LGBT individuals more toxic, more oppressive, more wretched and more deadly while allegedly having oral sex with the young men in his charge. As a member of the LGBT community, I have a right to name my oppressor, call attention to the evil he’s perpetrated against me and call him on his hypocrisy.

And as far as his guilt or innocence: How many times does this exact same scenario have to play out on the national stage before we can say that there’s a pattern, before we can say, with relative certainty, that the biggest homophobe in public is the freakiest homosexual in private?

The defense of Long by individuals who identify as LGBT is perplexing, if unsurprising: Self-hatred and inadequacy are difficult illnesses to overcome, particularly when it’s believed that there’s some divine justification for them. Nevertheless, my question to the Son of Baldwin readers who are so concerned with me judging the bishop is:

Where was your indignation when he was judging and crusading against the entire LGBT community?

Some believe I should allow Long the opportunity to redeem himself.  As far as I'm concerned, there is no redemption for him. Even if the numerous allegations prove false, even if he pays for the silence of those young men, there’s still the matter of the incredibly vicious, hateful and irretrievable energy he put into the universe, a force that he cultivated and nurtured, so that it would go forth into the world, to grow and prosper, like a contagion, forever and ever.


Bishop Eddie Long and God's Sperm


Before I go to bed, I have to leave you with this. It has to be heard to be believed:

What's your fantasy?

I've been called a male lesbian before. I've been dubbed "straight for pay" before. I like to think of myself as a backwards gay man. What I mean by that is, well, you know how there are supposedly "straight" guys who have that teeny, tiny lil' voice in the back of their head wondering what it'd be like to fuck a guy? Well, I'm that same way... except I feel that way about women. It's the weirdest thing because I'm gay as hell, but still, I wonder...

For example, I have this one left-field fantasy where there's this huuugee big black dicked dude (think along the lines of Rico Strong, Jack Napier, Justin Long, google them bad bitches!). And I'm still totally gay in the fantasy, but as he begins to fuck her, I'm doing all kind of kinky shit with him. It's as if I'm just a lesbian; another woman to him. And he treats me as such.

"Eat dat bitch pussy" he moans to me. "Yes daddy" I say, and commence to the cunnilingus. I want to suck his balls while she's riding him; I want to rim him while he's giving her a fucking jack hammer... I want to... suck all her juices off his dick... I want to catch the nut in my mouth with her... If he nuts inside of her, guess who's doing the clean up? Yours truly. She's a bad ass black girl; chocolate brown skin w a pink pussy that contrasts her beautiful skin. It's wet, because he ate it right, and I'm pleasing her because it's turning him on...

And it's not that I'm Bi... I think I'm just at this sexual plateau where I want to try something different. I'm not into piss, fists, or nothing like that; if you're into it, then hey, more power to you! But Idk, it's just something about that particular fantasy that I've always wanted to try...

So, there's something HELLA personal I just shared, but, I guess that what I started the blog for... right? So, enjoy the pics! There straight, but bare with me! I'm going through something Right now!

From what I can tell, the first pic is definetly John E. Depth, the fourth pic is Jean-Claude Baptiste, and the last few are Byron Long. These mofos are the ones I'm talking about in my fantasies!

What's yours?


Hypocrites Always Want to Play Innocent XXVIII.4

(Getting his Adam4Adam profile in order: The Bishop Eddie Long)

"Because you know if there's two, there's four." - Son of Baldwin

Fourth lawsuit against Biship Eddie Long filed.

A fourth young man alleges he had sexual relations with Bishop Eddie Long when he was a teenager.

A fourth member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte has leveled "sexual coercion" allegations against Bishop Eddie Long, according to the member's attorney.

Attorney B.J. Bernstein, who's filed suits on behalf of three other young men making similar allegations, said she is filing a lawsuit Friday on behalf of Spencer LeGrande, a member of New Birth Charlotte, N.C. LeGrande and his mother were among the founding members of Long's satellite church.

LeGrande was 15 when he met Long in May 2005, the suit alleges. Two years later, he engaged in sexual activities with Long while the two vacationed in Kenya, according to the suit.

Expect more young brothers to come forward.

UPDATE: Eddie speaks!

ATLANTA (CBS/WGCL) Bishop Eddie Long spoke out for the first time Friday about allegations that he had sexual relationships with at least three teenage boys in his Atlanta-area church.

CBS affiliate WGCL was the only news organization on a telephone conference call with parishioners from across the country who were looking for answers.

Long said he was in the middle of a battle.

"We will arise through this situation, and go forward, and we are moving forward," Long said.

WGCL reports that Long said several times that he didn't know who was on the call, so he had to be careful what he said because the case is in litigation. He also said he would not take any questions.

In his first public statement since the allegations became public, he asked others on the call to pray for his wife, his children, and his church.

"I have never dealt with anything like this before. I have been under attack before, but everything else has been different levels and different challenges," Long continued.

Never once did Long say he was innocent, but he said the truth would be revealed, and that he is praying for his accusers.

"Know that I am also praying for the families and the young men who are accusing. I always operate in the spirit of love, and we are going to move through this," he said.

Hypocrites Always Want to Play Innocent XXVIII.3

"Take your clothes down and I'll show you who you are." - Bishop Eddie Long

In the interview, Ted Haggard says, "This is America. You can't use religion to terrorize others."

But isn't that PRECISELY what he did?

Hypocrites Always Want to Play Innocent XXVIII.2

("Don't worry.  Just say that your intelligence told you they had penises of mass destruction.")

"I hope these young men have good, solid evidence against Long--and by evidence I mean photographs, videos, phone conversations, receipts, the whole shebang (or 'hebang,' in this case).  And I hope more young men come forward (because you know if there's two, there's four)."  -Son of Baldwin

Told you:

Bishop Eddie Long made a church summer camp counselor call him “Daddy” and coerced him into sexual acts, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the mega-church leader. Jamal Parris, 23, a former member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, became the third young male to file suit against the nationally known preacher and his church.

The self-hating homos NEVER deviate from the script. Expect more to come forward and Long to blame Satan and gay demons.

Church dummies were interviewed and had this to say:

Dwayne Jenkins, 47, of Lithonia, started attending New Birth a month ago, but is not yet a member. “It gives you a little shake,” he said of the lawsuit. “It’s his word against his word. Only Mr. Long and the two men know what happen. I’m not here to judge, I’m here to get close to the Lord. The Lord will take care of it.”

“That don’t even make sense,” said Hillary Lewis, 52, carrying the Bible in her hand. “I like the message that he brings,” the Snellville resident said. “He brings things down to earth.”

Samuel Midgette, 40, of Atlanta called Long “a good man – a man of God. He wants to help everybody… That man loves his wife. When you believe in your pastor, you believe in your pastor.”

Even if your pastor is coercing young men into having sex with them even as he preaches against homosexuality?  Bitch, sit down.

The attorney representing the young men says she incriminating "emails, text messages and photographs between the men and Long."

Read the full story here and here.


("This life be over soon.  Heaven last always.")

UPDATE: Eddie Long cancels his media appearances after third accuser comes forward:

Rod 2.0 has the scoop:

("Should I use this photo for A4A, BGC or M4N?")

The hits keep coming for Eddie Long, the suburban Atlanta-based anti-gay mega-church pastor hit with three lawsuits from young men alleging sexual coercion. As the third lawsuit was announced last night, "Pastors with iPhones" photos were released, showing Long modeling lycra muscle tees and apparently sent to select young men in his congregation.

The embattled pastor canceled a proposed press conference and radio interviews this morning, reports the Journal Constitution.The syndicated radio show, heard locally on Kiss 104.1, had issued a press release saying the leader of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church would discuss the allegations on-air. However, the show's Roland Martin, who was scheduled to interview Long., said on his Twitter account early Thursday that "the lawyers have made the decision that due to the third lawsuit that Bishop not to do interviews tomorrow." Craig Gillen, an attorney for Long, was interviewed on the radio program instead. Gillen said there was "miscommunication" about a press conference today, and that there would not be one . On Wednesday a Long representative issued a release to media members that a press conference would be held Thursday.

This is getting more and more interesting as the days progress.


This should come as no shock whatsoever.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently told an audience at the University of California's Hastings College of Law that there is no Constitutional basis for women's rights (or gay rights) and that if we want there to be, it's the duty of the Congress to amend the Constitution to make it so.

In other words, in his view, the founding fathers only intended to enshrine the rights of rich, white heterosexual men in the Constitution and couldn't have imagined women or homosexuals would someday want the same rights.  As proof, he cites the necessity for the thirteenth amendment freeing Africans from American slavery, which, according to his logic, would not have been necessary if the founding fathers ever imagined that blacks would someday be considered free American citizens. So, you see, because they couldn't imagine free blacks, they also couldn't have imagined free women or free homosexuals.

And before you start pointing to the equal protection clause in the fourteenth amendment, Scalia is way ahead of you: He claims that the amendment only applies to blacks.

I guess it's just too fucking bad for all you non-male, non-hetero citizens out there.  Scalia knows all too well how difficult it is to get Congress to amend the Constitution.  In fact, that's what he's banking on because it ensures that certain segments of the society never receive the rights they're entitled to. Meanwhile, he can hide behind so-called "Constitutional originalism" to mask a bigoted perspective.

This is a clear indication of how Scalia will vote if and when Perry vs. Schwartzenegger makes it to his court before he retires or dies.

I hope y'all have a plan B.

iHave Jungle Fever...

Okay, I know this blog is dedicated to the beauty in black booty and blah blah blah, but let me tell you what happened today in class... I'm sitting there, minding my own business, taking notes, fantasizing about my fine ass professor, chatting it up on AIM; the usual. When to my surprise, this tall 6'2" (I asked his height) blonde hair, green eyed white boy sits across from me to work in the group. (mind you, I was in hella AIM mode, I had NO idea we were switching into groups, lol).

Everyone in the group introduces themselves, and he was the last person to go before me. And when he began introducing himself, I was stuck in a gaze. Like, it took me by surprise; I'm staring at this guy and I say to myself "that's one fiiiiiinnneee white boy". So now I'm trying not to grow a woody, because my dick is damn obvious when it's hard; AND I was wearing sweatpants so I had to get it together! My nasty self; of course I start this fantasy about dude and from there, I had to think about dead kittens or something to get my woody down... 

So the introductions eventually get around to me but I'm hypnotized at this point. The girl next to me goes "uh... you're next!" O no! Not only was I staring, but I was CAUGHT staring! smh! And he was blushing and turning all red... after class I asked how tall he was and told him he made me feel like a munchkin; we had some light conversation... 

Believe it or not, I've never been with a guy outside of my race. Well, I had a Puerto Rican bottom before, but... (does that really count?)

Here's to all my white niggaz in the struggle! (lol, I'm going crazy...)

Hypocrites Always Want to Play Innocent XXVIII

("Watch that mic, man!" S-Curled for Jesus: Bishop Eddie Long with former U.S. President George W. Bush)

Two men are alleging that ferociously anti-gay bishop Eddie Long coerced them into having abusive sexual relations with him. The men are reportedly "very close" to the bishop. One of the men alleges that Long cited scripture to justify the sex.  And yet, in the pulpit, he uses the same scripture to denounce homosexuality.

It isn't precisely clear, but at least one of the men seems to indicate that the abuse began when he was below the age of consent (see the complaints: complaint 1, complaint 2). 

Long, of course, denies the allegations.  But then, what is he supposed to say, "I've been exploiting both God's name to oppress homosexuals and my parishioners' homophobia to gain wealth while secretly sucking verile, teenage dick"?

And we shall know him by his words: Nine out of 10 times, if a man is a raging homophobe in public, he's a raging homosexual in private. You heard it here first.

This is simply another illustration of the black church's hypocrisy when it comes to the LGBT community.

I hope these young men have good, solid evidence against Long--and by evidence I mean photographs, videos, phone conversations, receipts, the whole shebang (or "hebang," in this case).  And I hope more young men come forward (because you know if there's two, there's four). 

Read the full article from CNN.

Watch the video here:

UPDATE: Long's spokesman is claiming that these allegations are the young men's attempts to extort the bishop.

To the East, My Brother, to the East

(I didn't realize my digital cam could take such great photos! Futuristic Chinese city of Shanghai; photo by AD)

I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit China from September 7-18.  I toured the country, visiting Beijing, Suzhou, Tongli, Hangzhou and Shanghai.  The Chinese people were friendlier than they are given credit for, though there are some unsettling cultural differences: Chinese people have no concept of waiting on line and they'll cut right in front of you without so much as a second thought. And many of them had the terrible habit of coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths/noses and spitting all over the damn place; it's easy to see why the bird flu spread so quickly there.

Overall, it was a remarkable learning experience.

Five Things I Learned During My Time in China

5. Beijing has 21 million residents and is the cleanest city I've ever seen.  There wasn't so much as a piece of tissue on the ground.  The same was true of the subway in Shanghai. I asked the tour guide if this was a result of strict rules and/or punishment regarding littering.  He said that there weren't really any harsh rules concerning litter (yeah right), but culturally, the government does strongly encourages its citizens not to litter.  New York's eight million residents should take lessons. (The air pollution in Shanghai, however, was overwhelming for me.)

4. In the U.S., citizens distrust their government.  In China, the government distrusts its citizens.  Chinese citizens aren't able to move as freely throughout their country as we are through ours.  They are subject to random searches and arrests.  Anti-government sentiment isn't permitted.  They're presumed guilty until proven innocent.  In other words, being a Chinese person in China is like being a black person in America, only worse.

3. China has 56 distinct ethnicities.  Their concept of race doesn't explicitly include skin color (though I imagine the the darker you are the lower you are in the caste), but does include geography, history and religion.

2. Abortion is perfectly legal in China.

1. Chinese people are utterly fascinated by black people--particularly black Americans.  I was treated like a celebrity when I was there. People handed me their babies and took photographs of me.  It was both flattering and unsettling.  Flattering because it's better than the kind of attention I'd receive as a black person in America.  Unsettling because my skin color still marks me as alien. Although, I had no problem catching a cab in China.  So there's that.

[Film Trailer] For Colored Girls

 (Kerry Washington in For Colored Girls)

Tyler Perry's new film For Colored Girls, based on the award-winning play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Enuf, will be released on November 5, 2010.

It stars a veritable Who's Who of actors: Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta DeVine, Kimberly Elise, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose and Kerry Washington.  It also stars Michael Ealy, Macy Gray, Omari Hardwick, Hill Harper, Khalil Kain, Richard Lawson and Tessa Thompson.

The film trailer looks promising, but as with all things Tyler Perry, the trailer is no indication of the quality of the final product.  Let's hope Tyler Perry isn't up to his usual fuckery with this one.  Perhaps co-writer Nzingha Stewart has enough creative muscle to make up for Tyler's lack thereof. 

Personally, I thought Eve's Bayou director Kasi Lemmons would have been a better choice as director for this film.

See the trailer below:

Damn, Daddy!

It's something about a mature black man that just gets me jumping... They don't just "fuck", they know how to make love. They don't just bang you out like the younger cats do; black daddies know how to stroke, long, deep, hard. They like to take their time; sexually unselfish. They understand that sex is an equally beneficial arraignment so they take pleasure in pleasing. Foreplay, check. Tongue play, check. Ass, chest, body worship-- check. Rim, Rim, and more Rim. Baby Oil on the nightstand, a blunt or two, love songs in the background...

Sorry ya'll, it's been a good week since I've been without sex, so I'm going through withdrawal. Is it bad that the only reason I like visiting this one girls house (she thinks I like her) is because her dad is such eye candy, my pupils have cavities.

(Note: this does not apply to all black men, some of them are just a hard dick and nothing else. Hell, I could use a toy if that's all I wanted)

Don't Be A Dick!

So me and the this dude I call when I want a good stiff one.. we're starting to catch feelings for eachother or whatever, you know how it goes... He's DL, and I'm kinda sorta out (I never did finish my Slice posts, did I?) anyway, we've been having those kinda talks where "We" and "Us" are primary words in the convo, and I have to admit, it feels nice. I've been single for a while, and I'm not really trying to date right now, but I admit that I can see us together. (There's that US again!) the only thing is... he's the DL type that wants absolutely NO kind of public time together. Damn, we can't hit up a movie or anything??? No Mickey D's? Not even drive-through? He's like a DL Nazi... but his dick...damn it, his dick... So, this post is in homage to everything that is the black phallus...

(forgive the typos, I'm kinda not sober right now... Friday night on Campus has much to do with this...)