Holy Smoke

Smoke E. Digglera

There is much that you can tell about singers from the way they sing.

Take Jawann Peacock (formerly known as Smokey from the now-defunct Timbaland-produced R&B trio Playa, and now known as solo artist Smoke E. Digglera), for example. On “What Have U Done 4 Me Lately,” from Sittin’ On A Goldmine, the second of an astonishing ten albums he has released—via the Web—since departing Playa, he sings to a lover that hasn’t shown gratitude for the dedication and attention he’s shown her, who has, in fact, done the exact opposite:

“All you’ve done is bring me stress and frustration.”

The last word is most important. Smoke draws it out, holds the “N” for a few seconds longer than most singers would, revealing three things. First, he means it. Second, he was obviously raised in the black church. Third, he must have listened very closely to his preacher’s sermons. That extended “N” indicates testimony and his whole performance, both on the song (a shifting slow jam) and the entire album, is a kind of testifying.

Sittin' On A Goldmine
Goldmine is composed of mostly love (and lovemaking) songs and hits the mark more often than not. Replete with lush melodies and swirling harmonies, it recalls a particular moment in musical history--specifically, the late 80s/early 90s when acts like Jodeci and H-Town (and the lesser known Rome) ruled the airwaves. There is a pleading in Smoke’s voice, similar to Keith Sweat’s, albeit with clearer gospel inflections and much more power. Not quite Sam Cooke, but certainly closer than all of the other pretenders to the throne.  (Coincidentally, Smoke is now the same age Sam Cooke was when he died.)

He does, however, manage to capture the kind of sensitivity that Marvin Gaye made fashionable, though not quite as artfully. “Wish U Neva Told Me” is all about how he is willing, ultimately, to take back the woman who revealed her infidelity. Among harmonizes moans, he laments:

“Never see me leaving you. But if I stay, will you take advantage and do it again?”

It’s the sort of vulnerability that this generation’s auto-tuned, wanna-be roughnecks aren’t man enough to reveal.

There is a genuine, but certainly self-conscious, swagger throughout the album. It is most apparent on the stuttering staccato funk of “770.” Smoke whoops and hollers, dashing in and then out again, between the persistent rhythms of finger snaps, working the listener into frenzy. At one point, when the song nearly loses pace with the singer, Smoke laughs, breaking the tension and bringing things back into focus. It is a song that seemingly attempts to mimic the playful sexuality of youth. Quite frankly, it does a damn fine job.

Smoke testifying; live and uncensored

Other standout tracks include mechanical “Energizer” (featuring Jesse James of Too Big Mafia) an ode to long-lasting, safe (imagine that!) sex, “Let’s Do Something Different,” where Smoke encourages his partner to break out of their sexual rut, and “It’s Urs” (also featurning Jesse James), a mid-tempo romp that recalls the sounds Smoke honed during his time with Playa.

Sittin’ On A Goldmine, along with the entire catalog of Smoke’s musical works, is available for purchase at the Smoke E. Digglera website.  (Be sure to check out his new single, "Angel.")

Sittin' On A Goldmine Tracklisting:

Sittin On A Goldmine (Intro)
Slow ft Too Big Mafia
It's Urs (Interlude)
It's Urs ft Jesse James of Too Big Mafia
770 (Feat. Blazed)
R U Scared?? (Interlude)
Let's Do Sumthin Different
From Dusk 'Til Dawn
Anythang (Interlude)
Porno ft Jesse James of Too Big Mafia
Energizer ft Jesse James of Too Big Mafia
It's Ova Now ft Sheba Shane
What Have U Done 4 Me Lately??
Wish U Neva Told me
Will It Eva Be Tha Same??
Get My Baby Back ft Outsiderz 4 Life
War Of Tha Roses (Feat. DLK)
What I Go Thru
Por Ahora Y Parasiempre ft G.No aka The Latin Bird
Say U Really Luv Me, Baby
Jesus Will, Jesus Can

The Unbearable Monstrosity of Religious Institutions

What Lurks Beneath: Francois Houtart

They were lobbying to nominate a child sex abuser for a Nobel Peace Prize.

No one bothered to check exactly what peace he was after.

From the Huffington Post:

A Belgian priest has confessed to a child sex-abuse accusation that came to light during a campaign to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work fighting globalization's impact on developing countries.

The confession was published in a Belgian newspaper Wednesday and confirmed by the organization the priest founded, deepening a sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church in the country. After a spate of accusations this year, the church in September published the harrowing accounts of more than 100 victims of clerical sex abuse, some as young as two when they were assaulted.

In October, after supporters of 85-year-old Francois Houtart began working to nominate him for the Nobel, a woman contacted the nonprofit organization he founded and said the priest had abused her brother 40 years ago, according to its director, Bernard Duterme.

Why hasn't Catholicism been abolished?  Where's the American movement to destroy Catholicism, or is destruction only reserved for Islam?

What's confounding is the assertion from apologists who continue to use proportionality as a justification for Catholicism: "These priests make up such a SMALL number of all clergymen that you really can't condemn the entire religion for the actions of a few."

A couple of things wrong with that mindset.

1. It ignores the Catholic Church's: cover-up and denial of said crimes; protection of guilty priests from secular law enforcement; and ongoing complicity by paying for the silence of victims.

2. Thousands of children and adults suffered at the hands of these "small number of clergymen." Also, this small number gets larger by the day as degenerate priests are being exposed left and right. Methinks the only small number to be discussed here is the relatively small number of priests who have confessed or been caught or exposed.

Tip meet iceberg.

As far as I'm concerned, the Catholic Church has no moral authority whatsoever.  


Teena Marie

'Til 2011!

Honestly speaking, I know sex is good, sex is great, sex is amazing! But every now and then, I just love jacking off by myself. Laying down in the bed, one hand jerking, the other hand playing w/my nipples or grabbing at the sheets. Playing with my balls a lil bit while tickling my scrotum. I’ve never been much of a fingerer, but I kinda do like a bit of ass play around the rim; just a teeensssyy bit. I like to see how long I can hold out; see how horribly terrific it feels to get right to the very edge of busting a nut—and letting go of my dick so I won’t come. FUCK! I be looking at my dick like “you better not cum! You better not cum”! lol, I know it must be like “damn nigga, you beating me like I owe you money”. Lmao!!

And when I’m feeling extra kinky, once I finally do cum, I usually bust all over my stomach. I like to take the cum and rub it down on my balls and I can usually work out that “one extra nut” that you know is left in you, you know? Or sometimes after I bust, I’ll take the cum and use it as lube and (very lightly) play with my hole a lil bit. Okay, yall know, after all this time, that when it comes to a level of full-blown freakiness, I’m at the top of the list. What can I say? I’m just very sexually charged… and it’s not like I don’t get my fair share of dick, because I surely do, but sometimes, I kinda like to do it by myself.

It’s EXTREMELY hot when another dude decides to jack off with me. We race to see who can hold out the longest. Whoever comes first has to help the other guy cum. So I guess nobody really loses ;) You ought to try it sometime, it’ beats playing Monopoly!

Sidenote: the new year approaches and I can't help but thank God for seeing all of us this far, thanks Big Guy!  
Other than that… I posted a helluva lot of pics tonight because I won’t be making another post until after the New Year. So around Jan. 2nd or so I think is when I’ll post again; these pics should tie you over though!  If you see any re-posts, it's just because it's one of my fav's or I busted to it before I posted... 

Enjoy the pics!

These next few pics are from Biron, a photographer who hit me up and sent me these pics from a private photoshoot. The model’s name is “Mebinchi” and I must say DAAAAMMNN!!!! Ain’t he fine, yall? Thanks to Biron for the pics and don’t forget, if you want your pics to be featured in a post, just send them to my email CAPRICORNARIES@HOTMAIL.COM  And as sure as the sky is blue, I’ll post your pics!

'Til 2011, I love yall and thanks for loving my freaky azz!!!! 
btw, don't wait for 2011 to start a new year's resolution, start NOW!!!! 


Discourse on Colonialism

The road to Hell: Douglas Perlitz

Between colonizer and colonized there is room only for forced labor, intimidation, pressure, the police, taxation, theft, rape, compulsory crops, contempt, mistrust, arrogance, self-complacency, swinishness, brainless elites, degraded masses. –Aimé Césaire

Not every gift is a blessing.

Not everyone lending a hand wants to help.

Not every smile is benevolent. 

Not every friendly person is a friend.

Case in point:

A Colorado man was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison Tuesday for sexually abusing children for more than a decade at a school he founded in Haiti, including some who faced him in the courtroom and testified that he threatened to put them back on the streets if they did not submit to his advances.

Ring a bell?

Judge Janet Bond Arterton called Douglas Perlitz a serial rapist and molester as she imposed the sentence in New Haven federal court. She said she believed he would commit the same crimes again if he were in a similar position.

Perlitz admitted in August that he engaged in illicit sexual conduct with eight children who attended the Project Pierre Toussaint School for homeless children in Cap-Haitien. Prosecutors said Perlitz gave the children money, food, clothing and electronics and threatened to take everything away and expel them from the program if they told anyone.

Here's what he had to say for himself:

I began losing my head. I was using you. I mistreated you because you were afraid. Perhaps you were confused. Perhaps you thought, 'How could this man, Douglas, who's protecting me, be touching me like this?' I wasn't thinking about you or your feelings or how my actions would affect you. I'm asking for forgiveness.

The judge believes that Perlitz may have had 16 or more victims. Several of his victims spoke out:

"He always told me, `Don't tell anybody about it. If you tell anybody about it, I will put you out on the street,'" one victim said through a Creole interpreter. He said Perlitz first abused him in 1998 and once sodomized him after plying him with rum.

Another victim said Perlitz started abusing him on his 14th birthday in 2004. He said he struggled with feelings of shame and thought about suicide, especially when he read the Bible.

"I am here today to tell the truth. Because of the truth, I can find justice," he said. "He hurt us a lot."

Perlitz blames his abusive behavior on the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a Catholic priest. That religion had a deleterious effect on both the abuser and his victims is quite telling.

This situation cannot come as any great shock.  For this how the colonizer always regards the colonized:

I wasn't thinking about you or your feelings or how my actions would affect you. I mistreated you because you were afraid.

From Christopher Columbus to Phillip Bleicher, not a damn thing has changed but the names of the participants.

Fuck it, just fuck!

Have you ever felt bad because you DON'T feel bad about something? Lately, I haven't been "pressed" to please people; I'm not spazzing out from trying (and/or failing) to meet expectations.

I'm usually the "go-to" guy that you know will be there, rain or shine, if you need him. Sure I'll babysit, sure I'll fill in at the LAST minute and host the poetry show, sure I'll put my entire life on pause so we can chat on the phone for 2 hours about why your DUMB ASS still loves him and you know he does you wrong. Could it be that I'm too available for people? Too accessible? Too dependable? Wait, aren't those supposed to be GOOD qualities? I promise, some of my greatest character flaws are my positives: my kindness, my heart, my... WALLET, my time, my talent, etc.

For about a month or so now, it's like things that used to get me pissed or rub me the wrong way--they don't shake me anymore. Negroes w/ SMART ASS comments aren't worth my verbal communication. I can not care less about what someone's opinion/expectation is of me, and believe you me, I've checked and no--I literally can not care any less about it!

And now that I'm pretty much treating everyone around me like how they treat me, they all ask those "What's wrong with [Cogito]? Why is he acting all funny and antisocial" kind of questions. It's cuz I don't want to FUCKING talk to you, that's why. So no, unlock the doors of the church yall DAMN selves, I'm not even going to ask for a copy of the new key. Have my brother's TRIFLING ass babysit my nephew, hell, he's the daddy! Omg, T-Mobile don't play about these minutes, I'll save us both 2 hours of our lives we cant get back: Bitch, BREAK UP WITH HIM! No [club owner of whom's brains I want to fuck out of their skull] I don't care if I'm only hosting your shows b/c I'm really trying to get some action w/u,--call me 2 days in advance from now on or NO, I can't host the show (unless you're gonna finally put-out ofcourse!) lol.

Could it be due to a lack of reciprocity? Not that it's what I'm asking for, but it would be nice. Seriously, I hope you all have read enough about me by now to know that I'm a pretty respectful guy. I really put in effort to treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and the respect I want in return. But at this point, I'm not asking for reciprocity, respect, appreciation, or none of the other accolades: I just want people to leave me the FUCK alone.

Last time I checked, I had hair on both of my balls so I know I'm a GROWN ASS MAN. If I want to do something, I'll do it. If not, shut the FUCK up and move on. I promise the world isn't going to spinning because I'm late for church; I'm sure God still loves me. World Hunger is still going to ravish the world, whether I babysit my lovable nephew or not. I promise, if you two break up right now, he's gonna have another bitch on the phone before he can get his clothes out of your closet.

...sorry if I sound harsh, I just really needed a place to vent and I thought "hhmmm... I'll lure them in w/some hot ass pics, and then hook 'em with my rants!!!!" My diabolical plan worked! lmao! But really though, I AM NOTHING BUT THE MONSTER THESE MUTHAFUCKAZ HAVE MADE ME OUT TO BE. I don't even curse this much in real life, but it feels sooooo much better typing FUCK in capitol letters, idky...

And on top of all of that, I don't feel the least bit remorseful for how I feel or what I say. Fuck it, just fuck.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for reading my rant! Excuse the typos...