Blah Blah Blah....

idk if I said this in one of my last posts, but those damn neighbors across the hall moved and took their free wifi with them so I have to bring my laptop aaaaalllll the way out to campus just to blog :(

Because of it being Finals Week, the Study Hall is packed. I can't post pics because I don't want this lil old librarian to walk past and see a big ole' Mandingo Dick on the screen and have a heart attack!

And I really need to vent this time, so... just listen, or... read (you know what I mean).

1. I went to go see Scream 4 and it was the ISH! I HATE scary movies but I have always loved the Scream Saga because it's creative, clever, satirical... and I didn't have to pay for the ticket (I'm cheap, sue me). And all through the movie, we kept hearing a couple arguing in the back row. After the movie was over and all of the lights came on, I look back and realized it was my Ex! You may remember him from waaaayyyy back in the day during posts like "Update On My Dating" and then when it came down to me being Cold, Bored, and Single and I posted about that. So yeah, I turn around and he's arguing with some chick!

I don't have any hard feelings towards him; our breakup was mutual and there wasn't (much) drama behind it. But damn, seeing him argue with someone else helped me realize that it wasn't just all in my head--this mofo is just hard to get along with.

>>>> btw, the first song at the end Credits of Scre4m is by Ida Maria "Bad Karma". My gift to you:

Oh yeah, for those who remember me talking about him, the owner of the Club where I do Poetry Shows at sometime: well, he is sooooo trying to get him some! He hit me up on Facebook the other night and (in so many words) told me that now that I'm 21 he can finally give me free drinks at the bar w/o feeling like he's broken the law! And he says that he has a LCMV (Less Cranberry, More Vodka) made just for me whenever I take him up on his offer to "help him write some of that dope ass poetry".

*sighs* stay tuned for that. Wit his FINE ASS. SMH...

And these FINALS may not be as hard as I think they're going to be. As I'm reading through my notes, I've actually retained a lot more than I thought. So, we'll see...

Today is one of those days when I really don't feel like being bothered by people.
So of course, it's the busiest day of my life where EVERYONE needs something from me. Seriously, in the 15 minutes it's taken me to write this post, my phone has rang 7 times. Scratch that. 8 times now.

*sighs* I could use that LCMV right about now...


(p.s.) Just 'cuz you read through my blah blah blahs, enjoy this pic! It's one of my favorites~!