Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. Lawrence Campbell as the infamous Brook-Lynn Pinklady.

By now, everyone has heard about the incident involving Hot 97 hip-hop DJ Mister Cee.  If you haven't, you can read my take here.

In any event, Lawrence Campbell, also known as Brook-Lynn Pinklady, has decided to speak out about the incident.

She does not shed light on the situation as much as she uses it as an opportunity to bask in her new-found infamy.  For example, she claims that the scandal was manufactured and sensationalized by the blogs, but fails to acknowledge that the official police record outlines--quite clearly in fact--what transpired between her and Mister Cee. She also never explains--if the police are, indeed, lying--what, exactly, she and Mister Cee were doing in the car that would require their arrests.  She does, however, indicate that, as I surmised, she is not a transsexual, but is a drag queen (transvestite).

What do you make of Brook-Lynn's testimony?


Okay, so Brooke-Lynn Pinklady is changing her tune just a bit: