What Lies Beneath

DJ Mister Cee
Lawrence Campbell

Lawrence Campbell as "Brooke-Lynn Pinklady"

Cee and Brooke-Lynn's mug shots

I don't really know much about Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee; I haven't listened to that station in years.

According to The Advocate and The New York Daily News, 44-year-old Cee (real name Calvin LeBrun) was arrested last Wednesday for engaging in lewd sexual conduct with a 20-year-old transvestite known alternately as Lawrence Campbell and Brooke-Lynn Pinklady.

Apparently, this isn't Cee's first time around the block in regard to these sorts of charges. 

A few things:
  • Why is sex, even if it's public, considered lewd (and how public is inside your car)?
  • How will this impact Cee's career given that the hip-hop world is known for, among other things, it's rabid homophobia?
  • Does anyone know whether or not Mister Cee has ever participated in or supported homophobia or homophobic rhetoric?
  • Will Mister Cee find the courage to tell the truth about the incident, or will he take the Eddie Murphy route? (Apparently, he's going to take the Eddie Murphy route.)
  •  How long will it take hip-hop to turn on him?
Former New York DJ and Wendy Williams sidekick Charlamagne Tha God, who now works out of Atlanta, responded to people alleging that the charges against Mister Cee are false:

Now yesterday we reported on Mister Cee being caught with a transvestite, we found out this morning via The [New York] Post and Daily News that he's been arrested twice before for loitering for the purpose of prostitution. Mister Cee is Funkmaster Flex's friend so Flex decided to stand up for Mister Cee last night. You sound like an old a** wrestler. 'Whatcha gonna do, when Funkmaster Flex runs wild on you!' You the big bad wolf in the city, huh? You like to huff and puff and blow houses down. Let's be clear. You can huff and puff but the only thing getting blown down is Mister Cee by transsexuals. That is the fact of the matter. Why you mad at us because your man Mister Cee likes getting it on with transsexuals? I'm confused here. He got arrested for being with a transsexual last week, he got busted in October and November for loitering for the purpose of prostitution. Don't get mad at us, get mad at him. Tell him, Homie, I don't care if you like men, but move better. Don't get a prostitute, get a boyfriend. You're out here making yourself and the brand look crazy.' It's OK if he's gay but give him some brotherly advice and tell him to move a little better with it...Subliminals are so 90's. But I understand because you a 1990's type of guy. That's your era.

Stay tuned....


50 Cent and Soulja Boy get together on magazine cover

In the shocker of the century, 50 Cent explains his support of Mister Cee.  While Cee denies the charges, The Smoking Gun posts the arrest warrant.

Thanks to Kevin for the update.