Gay Class 101 :)

Before I go any further, let me just say: STEREOTYPES ARE BULLSHIT!!

I have seen the most “macho” masculine of guys—whom you’d naturally assume is a Top—nope! They take more Dick than the law allows!
I’ve seen the most Flaming, gay-as-a-$3-Bill—type of dude—whom you’d naturally assume is a Bottom—fucking the HELL outta the aforementioned Macho-Man!

So when I mention the word “stereotype” in the list below, it is just that: a STEREOTYPE. NOT ONE THAT I (OR YOU) NECESSARILY BELIEVE. *gosh* I really have to break it down like that because sometimes I get emails that are um… Rude isn’t the word… Bitchy?

P.S. While writing this post, “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. kept coming up on my Random Playlist. My gift to you:

With that being said, class is now in session! Welcome to Gay 101! Today's Lesson: Sexual Roles. You might wanna take notes... 

Types of Tops:

1.       Total Top—this kind of man is exclusive to PENETRATING during sex (Anally  and Orally).  He has no sexual desire to be penetrated. Therefore, he does not exchange Oral Sex. For example: Bam A.K.A. Mr. Big  

Power Top—one who is known for great skill and especially aggressiveness in Topping. He also reciprocates Oral Sex. For example: Bobby Blake. 

3.       Service Top—is one who Tops under the direction of an eager Bottom (see “Bottom”). For example: Gene Lamar

(all 3 Porn Stars I just mentioned are LEGENDS in Black/Interracial Gay Porn)

Frotage (Sword Fighting) is very popular among Tops

***Note: getting Rimmed/Ate Out (Analingus) is the closest these first 2 Tops will ever come to being penetrated. Tops are also stereotyped as the most masculine of the sexual roles.  

My Favorite Tops include: 

Diesel Washington

Daddy (BlackRayneProductions)

Marc Williams (though he dabbles. See "Versatile")

Tiger Tyson 

Ty Lattimore

Types of Bottoms: 

1.    Total Bottom—the polar-opposite of a Total Top: they have no sexual desire to penetrate Anally or Orally. Think of your average "receiver" in a sexual party. 

Power Bottom—although they still receive penetration, they maintain an aggressive and especially dominating attitude. Oral Sex is exchanged only at their discretion. Race Cooper is famous for this

3.       Dyke-Bottom—these are an acquired taste of Bottoms who are willing to engage in sex with another Bottom. In this case, Oral Sex is primarily exchanged; any penetrating is either done with fingers or Toys. (I.E. in a scene where 2 men are engaging in double-dildo action). 

Extreme Bottoms--enjoy being fisted or in some way having their asshole "abused". Professor Cogito isn't into all that... ouch... 
***Note: Orally penetrating/ Fingering/Toying a sexual partner is the closest a true Bottom ever comes to “penetration” in that sense. Bottoms are stereotyped as the least masculine of the sexual roles.

Types of Versatiles:

1.       Total Vers—A man who Tops and Bottoms, depending on the sexual situation. Such as Scott Alexander


Vers Top—Primarily a “Top” who occasionally Bottoms.

        Vers Bottom—Primarily a “Bottom” who occasionally Tops.

                ***Note: a true Vers is not concerned with any one specific sexual role.

Final Notes: I've noticed an increasing trend in men who do not stick to any one specific role. In the past, it was a genuine consensus that you knew what role you played, and you stuck to it. But Sexuality should always be explored and shaped and changed-- if you want to fully enjoy all the great things about it. If you don't find yourself fitting one specific role--that's the point of today's lesson! 

I think I most identify with being a Vers Bottom... I don't want to do any Dyke-Bottoming but I'd certainly like to watch... 

what about you?