Rosebush (A Poem of Mine)

As a side hustle, I write poems for special events. A guy from my church hired me to write a Poem for him to propose to his Girlfriend of 5 years. Thought I'd share it with you guys since I'm always going on about how I'm a poet and blah blah blah... let me know how you like it! (and yes, all my ish is Copywright-Protected!)


Surely God exists; mankind can’t make beauty like this:
Your lips are prayers; when we kiss I get to taste Heaven.
Hell, tell your exes I said thanks for all of their mistakes—
They ran you straight into the arms of a Heavy-Weight boxer.

Because I’m punch-drunk in love; don’t blame it on the alcohol—
Blame it on gravity: I think I’m falling in love, be my parachute.
Be my piano; I know just which keys to press and make you sing—
We’ll be flat, singing in a B-Flat—that’s when you hit a C-Sharp.

Your heart is locked; I’ve got the key with me in Pandora’s Box;
If you were a clock, I’d be the reason you tick-tock; but you’re not.
You’re a Delta; used to Diamonds but can you settle for Dandelions?
Place me in a vase; be my Sunlight; accept the fact that I can’t be a Rose.

I’ve done a lot of dirt, but if you’re willing to toil in my soil—
I’ll be all you need; I’ll be your hero, blocking and dodging bullets.
I have no ammo; you know I can be one Son of a Gun sometimes;
You’re just my target practice; I can love you to death if you give me a shot.

We’ve got money to burn; dead presidents can’t keep you warm at night—
But I can; I have nothing but Time in my wallet and I want to spend it with you.
Shopping for Diamonds because you’re cool with the fact that I’m a Dandelion,
Besides: a flower as beautiful as you should not reside in a Rosebush… 

Blogger messes up the formatting in the Stanzas but you get the gist of it, right? 
Tell me what you think of it!

You know I have to leave you with some great music; my gift to you: Avant/KeKe Wyatt -- My First Love

Enjoy the pics!