I need ya'llz help on this guy!

I have a quick request from ya'll: if any of you know ANYTHING about the guy in these pics, PUH-LEAZE let me know. I've exhausted all my search methods and I can't find anything but his pictures and videos.

I've used a few of his pics before in past posts but never paid him much attention until earlier tonight while I was going through some pic folders I forgot to delete...

In the beginning of the video, he says hello to Xtube and calls himself "Hotboy". Now, with all those damn Underscores and Dashes and using Zero instead of "O", there's A MILLION people with that screen name on Xtube.

*sighs* I really wanna see more of him.

Please help Christmas come early for me.

Excuse Me Miss by Chris Brown (minus the blonde Super Saiyan hair and the domestic violence)
My gift to you:

Click on this to see the Solo Vid that made me fall in love with "HotBoy". And be prepared to nut!

Enjoy the pics! This was just a 911 post I had to put up right quick. I think I'll post a few updates on Friday. Eh, we'll see...