Shorty Jay

What I love about Shorty J is how he’s not afraid to get down to the absolute core of freakiness. In all honesty, if you’re going to compare Shorty J with anyone, it has to be against himself. I don’t care much for the work he’s done with Cocodorm because it’s just a bunch of Younginz banging each other out like jack rabbits and they let their dicks do all the work. And I may be a bit biased towards Cocodorm anyway because I don’t care for their “models” (and I use that term loosely). Come on, their friggin’ stick figures. Where’s the meat at?? They only have a handful of “beefy” dudes (the thickest one they have on there is Rock, and he looks like Chuck E. Cheeze to me).

But directed “The Destruction of Shorty J” and in my opinion, it’s even better than Shorty J’s work with Blackbreeders (and that’s saying something). Here’s why: I have yet to see Shorty J do a Snowball scene with Blackbreeders (which is kinda disappointing because they really do a great job at bringing full-blown kinkiness to all black casts). But in The Destruction of Shorty J, not only do they give him the facial of his LIFE, but one of the models are bold enough to lick his face, and spit that cum back into J’s mouth. –sighs- I get a woody just thinking about it.

I know tonight's post is kinda short. I'm just hella busy right now with classes starting back up and all that jazz... Enjoy the Shorty Jay pics! I'm thinking of doing a post for my baby Osian next. 

You know the Dick is good, when you start asking questions like: Do you want some money, baby? How about some Chicken Wangz? 
Jill Scott: Whatever-- My gift to you: