After blogging for few years, I have developed a survival
mechanism I like to call "blogging
peripheral vision."
 What this means is that I can set my
attention on the work at hand and still be able to see what's going on around
me. The huddled confabs, the whispered asides, the sideways glances, the roll
of the eyes, the smirks of disdain, the sulking pouts, the exhalations of
disgust, the looks of admiration (few
and far between),
and the endless variations of body language that reveal
impatience, rejection, jealousy, and simple disbelief that I'm in charge and
you're not. I see it all. And I don't comment. I just make note of it.
Occasionally I will respond in a roundabout fashion that might make you think
I'm clairvoyant. I am not. I am simply watching. Just thought you might like to

Carry on.