No, Don't Stop...

Another short, quick post. Forgive me, ya'll, but it's just crazy right now. Between these damn classes and these church engagements, I'm barely having enough time to spend with Rob. And that is a problem. Not that we don't already see each other enough, but we haven't had any "us" time, if that makes sense. And on top of that, he's out of town for like, 2 whole damn weeks...


*yawns* I found some really hot pics that I think ya'll might like so, here they are! Enjoy them.

Here's some music to get into your ears:

Gin Wigmore-- Don't Stop

Ingrid Michaelson-- You and I

Oh yeah, one more thing: APA Format is the DEVIL!!!!! I have to write a bajillion-paged paper with internal documentation... O, what fun it is!