I believe that in order to walk through grief,
fear, loneliness, despair, confusion and anger without recourse to drugs,
alcohol, over-eating, over-sexing, or the endless mind-numbing interruptions
that the working world provides, one must become a spiritual warrior.

I further believe that the pay-off for enduring
suffering, for soberly embracing the inevitable bouts of emotional pain that
life brings, is wisdom and serenity in the face of calamity. But make no
mistake here, I know that the path of the warrior is treacherous and cannot be
walked alone. To survive, he must have brothers and sisters-in-arms to carry
him when he buckles.

For too long MANY of us lived and died in small
tribes, this principle of mutually supporting one another through the trials of
life was deeply woven into the fabric of the group mind. Now with the world the
way it is, we were forced to live with the daily dilemma of being desperately
alone and yet desperately needing one another.

Which is why we are, by design, always seeking
new tribes. With that in mind, I humbly offer a simple guideline to evaluate
the efficacy of any tribe you might encounter on your path to becoming a
spiritual warrior: if they ask for your money or access to your crotch, run
away. Just thought I’d post this entry to the fact that I didn’t pass my Series
7 exam last week.