Isn't this just peachy? Leaders of
America's infamous Westboro Baptist Church have vowed to picket the funeral of
Apple innovator Steve Jobs.

“Westboro will picket his funeral,” tweeted
Margie J. Phelps, daughter God Hates Fags pastor Fred Phelps.

The message on the micro-blogging site followed
a previous posthumous insult, which said: "No peace for man who served
self, not God."

Phelps, who used an iPhone to send the
messages, was denouncing Jobs for apparently putting commercial success before
divine salvation.

Margie Phelps defended the use of the iPhone to
send the message, saying God created it for the purpose of telling people that
“Jobs is in hell.”

According to PC Mag, a blog linked to the
official WBC site then claimed that Jobs was responsible for gay marriage,
which will "bring your destruction".