Ah, the Sugar Daddy. For straight men
this role is taken for granted: You have a hot girlfriend because you’re
loaded? But if a gay couple’s ages vary by 10 years or more, others will let
the barbs fly without hesitation. Yes, few men are as scorned as the Sugar
Daddy, which is ironic because intergenerational love among gays is not

Youth and beauty are qualities women
are typically judged on, while men trade on their economic status. Thus,
traditionally, heterosexual men and women each know where they stand in the
dating game. But in the gay world, youth, beauty and economic status often
intermingle, so it becomes particularly difficult for some gay men to not only
understand their position in a relationship, but also to refrain from judging,
making assumptions or growing defensive when labels such as “Daddy” are thrown around.

DADDY, one simple word that provokes a variety of responses; but why?