Something For The Tops...

I went through my Freaky Flash Drive Files (where I collect all my pics/vids) and FINALLY organized all of my pics into sub-categorical folders with tags and whatnot... In doing so, these few lil pics kept making me salivate and I realized that I haven't had no ass in a while... Don't get me wrong, my nigga Rob gives some mean head, but he's a Top (as far as I'm concerned). 

I'm going a little insane. I feel like Quagmire on that one episode of Family Guy where he tried to go cold-turkey from sex and ended up dry humping a mail-box.

Ass-Withdrawal is a very serious condition. *sighs* 

So to all my true blue, red-blooded Tops out there: GET ALL THE MAN-CUNT YOUR DICK CAN HANDLE!

I'm in LOVE with Beyonce's vid "Dance For You"! It's definitely a song when you're getting in "the mood". 

and keep in mind, SHE SHOT THIS VID BEFORE SHE HAD THE BABY BUMP. #ConspiracyCracked

Enjoy the pics! They're all recycled from previous posts...