for the perfect mate?
Start with discovering that in you are the ‘perfect mate’, and if that isn’t found, the best that can happen
is stumbling upon what is called a ‘functional
relationship’ (relation~shit?)
. Partner choices are ‘karma’ for who you are, and what you’ve been. What you get is
right for you at the time, as your karma called it in.

Hopefully, you discover that the excuses are
just subterfuge for what’s going on inside, that like a
‘wheel’, keeps turning bringing up the same situations of behavior.
Again, think of karma. Stop and watch what’s going on. It takes on another
beauty because you are watching it! Nothing is happening on the outside that is
not related to what’s going on in the inside. The happiness and unhappiness are
just moods.

Call your moods as A & B, or yes and no.
Drop the words happiness or unhappiness, for they are programmed in the
subconscious, and create a certain attachment to a mind set.  Try this for
a few days, and just be aware. Be as if you are the ‘watcher’ like of the rising dawn and sun, with no particular
judgments. See night turn into day. Don’t be identified with moods, but see
them as passing like clouds in the sky. Choose to make a difference in your
viewpoint of life. There is a ‘right
, drop ‘no conscious choice’.

Sitting day after day, month upon month, and
possibly a whole life time wondering, without self examination, where the
perfect partner is, is enough to send a message to the universe, and make it
even more unlikely. Finding fault in person after person may be a
‘self protective’ exercise that can slip
into condemning everyone, or shutting down the positive energy that’s needed to
send positive magnetic energies out. 

Always, the answers
are in you. Live life finding ways to see the love within you, about you, and
let the universe decide on whether to bring a compliment or not. Love will
attract those appreciative from anywhere to your presence. Trust that inside,
and go on with life with no expectations. What is meant to be will be, and
loving yourself will always be a blessing ‘everyday’.
You only find a reflection of you. Focus on that being the inside of you, and
the ‘unknown’. That’s ‘perfect’!