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To Live and Die Unheard

What homophobia has wrought. Battered and beaten: Damian Furtch

With god on their side and arrogance in their hearts, two degenerates brutally attacked and beat 26-year-old Damian Furtch in the West Village section of Manhattan last Sunday in what authorities believe was a gay bashing.

Let us be clear here: None of this would be possible if churches, synagogues, and temples all across America did not preach, by the hour, that homosexuality is a blight against divinity.  None of this would be possible if narrow, pathological, patriarchal ideas about masculinity and the Myth of the Cowboy did not infect the American psyche.  None of this would be possible if Americans were not such cowards.

Can you not hear the apologists? "I don't hate gay people.  I would never beat anyone up. I would never condone what happened.  I think what happened is sad, but there's nothing I can do about it."  

The mistake is believing that hatred is necessary for homophobia to flourish when all that is needed is complicity.

And since, it seems, we cannot trust most heterosexuals--especially the religious ones or ones with even a tiny bit of power--to acknowledge the injustice and do something about it, I believe it is time that we dealt with this on our own.

So what are we waiting for?


Who dis woman?

Happy Birfday To Me!

Birthday Dick List:
Rock the Icon
Jean-Claude Baptiste
Sean Michaels
Jack Napier
C.J. Wright
Mr. Marcus
Ethan Hunt
Wesley Pipes
John E. Depth
Justin Long

Shane Diesel and Mandingo can get it too, but I'm not even going to pretend like I could take all that dick. I'm SOOOO not gonna let them big dicks puncture my fucking Spleen or damage a Kidney. Hell, Mandingo would be all up in a nigga's stomach! ;)

Birthday Ass list:
Brian Pumper
J. Strokes (um, I'm actually kinda glad he gained weight...)
Nat Turnher
Byron Long
Devlin Weed
Franco Roccaforte
Deep Threat
Rico Strong

We're all going out for drinks Friday night. Now, I know that I am going to be kidnapped by my friends for the evening but seriously: I GOTTA get me some Birthday Dick...

I have this one dude lined up. He's been talking a good game about what he's gonna do and how well he can eat and how good he can suck. Whatever; we'll see what all the HubUbs about...

Oh yeah, btw, I'm going to treat myself to one of two sex toys for my bday:

1. I've always admired the Mr. Marcus Dildo. I just can't help but feel a bit... dirty if I had an actual DICK hidden on the top shelf of my closet or something, you know?
2. instead of a big, bulky fleshlight, I was thinking of getting a Dick Sleeve. They're cute, compact and far less recognizable if accidentally discovered...

Either way, I'll let you all know what I finally decide on.


Statically, I should have several pending warrants (if I'm not already in jail/prison), have several "Baby Mamas", be either a college-dropout or not even made it in at all, AND I'm supposed to be broke, without a job, etc. You know all the stereotypes and stigmas associated with the Black Male. 

I beat the odds. I'm 21. No kids. Own car. (kinda have my own) place. In absolute LOVE with God. No warrants/history with "the law", I have an A- Average and I also run a succesful blog (I love you guys!) 

My Poetry, my friends, my entire life... I'm just grateful. For 21 years. and Many more to come! ♥ #ilyBlogFam! 


P.S. ShoutOuts to my dude ColdPhoenix! Keep your head up, you already know that you're MORE than a conquerer! ;) 

Monday Men - Cool Breez

Check out this sexy brother here. It's quite obvious he is gay from the poses but tries to cover it up by hanging with white/latino girls in his photos. LOL. Brother please!!!

Check out more of his photos here and you will see how anyone could question his "heterosexuality"!!!


Hollywood bleaching continues with the upcoming Akira film

White Americans, bless their generous little hearts, are quite unable to imagine that there can be anyone, anywhere, who does not wish to be White. 

- James Baldwin, The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Remember the comic-book-turned-animated-film Akira?  It's about young people in post-apocalyptic Japan who have enormous telekenetic abilities.  Any geek will tell you that it's a classic. African American directing duo the Hughes brothers will be bringing it to the big screen as a live-action, big-budget, special-effects feature film.  But there's just one caveat.

The main characters will be cast as white people instead of Asian people.

This dull and unimaginative practice isn't, I'm sad to say, an anathema to Hollywood.  In fact, the conventional (read: economic) Hollywood wisdom says that the only way white people can be engaged in any medium is by reflecting their own images back at them.  According to Hollywood, white people, especially white boys, are so tribal, narcissistic, egotistical, and racist; they are so severely lacking in the ability to empathize with anyone outside of their race, that it's impossible for them to patronize films that contain casts of primarily non-white actors. Or not so primarily. 

Case in point: In the upcoming Thor film, Idris Elba was cast in the relatively minor role of Heimdall.  Heimdall is fictional Marvel Comics character based on the god Heimdallr from Norse mythology.  Traditionally, Heimdall has been depicted as white. When some white fans of the character got wind of the casting decision, they nearly lost their minds.  This despite the fact that Heimdall is a relatively small character in the mythology, the comic book and, apparently, the film.  This despite the fact that aside from Elba and Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano (who plays a tiny role as Hogun, who has been depicted as Asian), each and every other actor in the film, especially the leads, is white.

But, on the other hand, they apparently have no problem, whatsoever, when characters that have been traditionally depicted as non-white are cast--both in the leads and in the bit parts--with actors who are white.  Their ire is raised only with the threat of the reverse.  For example, they had no problem when M. Night Shyamalan--a grievous person of color--cast The Last Airbender so that all the lead heroes were white and all the lead villains were people of color (even though, in the show the film was based on, all of the characters were either Asian or Inuit).

And if they stick to type, and there is no evidence or indication that they won't, they will have no problem when these two willfully obtuse black directors cast Akira with white leads. Because, you see, political correctness and diversity is bad, but white supremacy and white privilege is good.

Well.  As the video below will outline, quite poignantly, writing letters and complaining won't do a bit of good. The only way to make Hollywood understand the depth of your outrage at their pandering to institutional racism is to withhold your economic support.



James Baldwin: A Soothsayer

Has anyone ever wondered what James Baldwin's position on gay marriage might have been?

I believe I may have an answer. From the prophet's mouth.

The esteemed Mr. James Baldwin, at the University of California, Berkley in 1974, discussing marriage and love:

Brian is SOOOO Retarded

Let's Spend Today in Bed


B. Slade is puttin' in werQ!

I buy whatever B. Slade sells.

I'm serious.  And not just because he's a prolific truth speaker. It's mainly because I'm never, ever, disappointed in the quality of the product he puts out.

Not only did he release the the best album of the year so far (Stereotype; if you haven't purchased it yet, you should), but he put out a Jackson tribute album of mostly original material influenced by The Jackson 5ive, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson...for free.

His latest offering, "Puttin' In werQ" (with the b-side "Sunset'), is a dreamy, top-down, swirling jam from the forthcoming project Diesel, which drops July 19, 2011.

The single is available for purchase at Slade's band camp site, or click "Buy" below.

Take a listen:

Penis Size By Geographic Location

If you are a world traveller, and love big dicks, then you need to head to Africa and Central and South America!

For more info, read here!

Just Because You Cannot See the Chains

A Prophet: George Carlin

 Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone? - Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi

Many thanks to my comrade-in-arms, John.