"Slow" by Darius Clark Monroe

Here is an intense 13 min film short by filmmaker Darius Clark Monroe about online hookups. I thought it was excellent and the actors were great. I would love to hear your comments about this film short.

This video is NFSW so are warned. LOL

You can get more information here!

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

This is "unofficial" theme song of the greatest fraternity - Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. I'm here in Washington, DC as we celebrate our Centennial. Photos will follow next week! :)

Close Up

Lorenzo Everhard

Kenny Lewis

Michael Kwao

Two By Two

Donnie Amadi, Ronnie Amadi

Kristofer Macklin, Michael Marcano

Wittemberg Adolf (r)

Thelma and Jean - 50 years of love!

There is a great article in Bed Stuy Patch of Thelma and Jean who have been partners for almost 50 years. The anniversary was on the eve of the date (July 24th) for Same Sex marriages in New York State. They are contemplating whether to make their relationship "official" with the new law. Their story of love spanning over five decades is definitely inspiring and very heart felt.

You can read the article here!

Until The End Of Time...

...I wonder some things...

I really do want to have children some day. Not that I have anything against adoption, but I want to make a few babies the old-fashioned way. Alas, the dilemma: laying with a Woman. Fuck it, I may have to just pretend she's Idris Elba the entire time...

My baby (Rob) is out of town for a class reunion so I'm here at my place, all alone... And it's on nights like these, when my phone isn't ringing, nothing good is on t.v., and all the chores are done-- it's nights like these when I'm free of any distractions--I'm left to the thoughts that linger in my head.

For example: don't ask me why, but lately, I've been so self-aware of my own mortality. I guess because I've had to serve at 3 different funerals this month, but Death always puts Life into perspective. I ask myself all the time "if I were to drop dead right now, would I go to Heaven or Hell"? I like to believe I'm a good person. And aside from that, I strongly believe that God does not hate Gays (contrary to what some stupid FUCKS like to think). God reciprocates the love that we give to Him; so if I love Him as much as I do, then His love for me has to be exponentially greater than mine (John 3:16 much?)

*sighs* eh, well, I'm not going to boor you any longer with my ramblings...

Timothy Bloom feat. V. Bozeman-- Until The End of Time has me thinking of all this shit at once! My gift to you:

Enjoy the pics!

Btw, the next post will be about a very cool follower of this blog, his name is Biron and he's a photographer. He's the one who supplied pics for tonight's post. So until I blog again, go check out his website


A Life Explored

Yusuf Myers

Albert Lalonde

Caleb Christian