The Haunting

What does it mean to be haunted?

An exciting film from Perú is now showing in select theaters in the United States. Directed by newcomer Javier Fuentes-León, Contracorriente (or Undertow in English) is the story of Miguel (Cristian Mercado), a fisherman whose wife, Mariela (Tatiana Astengo) is expecting their first child. But Miguel has a secret: He’s also involved and in love with another man, Santiago (Manolo Cordona).

L to R: Santiage (Manolo Cardona) and Miguel (Christian Mercado)

When Santiago dies in a tragic accident at sea, his ghost comes back to implore Miguel to retrieve his body and bury it according to Peruvian tradition. But if Miguel performs the ritual burial, he risks exposing his sexuality and his love for Santiago as well as losing everything else he holds dear.

The Guardian calls Contracorriente “a measured, delicate film set in a vividly evoked landscape.” New York Magazine says it possesses “a certain offhand grace that firmly places it in the magical-realist tradition.” And the Village Voice says it's “sublime.”

Check your local listings for theaters and showtimes. And be sure to watch the trailer:

The Songstress

Anita Baker
Missed the Anita Baker tribute on Centric's Soul Train Music Awards?

No worries. I've got you covered.

Be sure to check out Rachelle Ferrell and Tamia's performances--and try to ignore Chrisette Michele and Faith Evans's (no shade to the stans):

Hypocrites Always Want to Play Innocent XXXI

How I could just kill a man: Senator John McCain

John McCain must be shell-shocked.

After all, wasn't he the dude that was all gung-ho for the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) study, promising that if military leaders supported the repeal of DADT, he would, too?

Yes, he was.

But now that the results of the study are back and the findings reveal that most of the military supports the idea of gay troops serving openly, McCain is backtracking and finding excuses to now discredit the study he once championed.

In other words, he thinks that because the study doesn't support his own homophobic position, the study must be flawed. He'll deny that as his impetus, of course. We live, after all, in a time where bigots want to be bigots without being labeled. Instead, he'll blow smoke up our collective asses by saying something asinine like "A thorough and complete study of the effects, not how to implement a repeal, but the effects on morale and battle effectiveness, that's what I want." Implying that the study doesn't provide that information.

Only it does.

Sometimes I think hypocrisy is an undiagnosed form of insanity.

Thanks to Queerty.

*UPDATE* Dan Savage calls John McCain out.

Playing in the Dark

What's done in the dark: Li'l Fizz, Raz-B and J-Boog of the now-defunct B2K

More shots fired.

I've been reporting on Raz-B's allegations against various individuals in the industry for some time now. I've pretty much made up my mind that he's telling the truth, but, as a result of what he's experienced, in need of some serious psychological assistance.

In his latest videotaped (perhaps vying for a reality series?) confessional, Raz-B says that Chris Stokes put him and J-Boog in a room and made them "do things" to each other. This comes after his allegations that Li'l Fizz was also a victim of Marques Houston's sexual exploits.  With this latest bombshell, it seems Raz-B has implicated just about everyone in B2K (and at least one person in IMX).

Watch Raz-B in the video and decide for yourself whether there's truth in what he's saying.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the head's up, Bejata!

(In other news, Omarion dances with Indians.)

*UPDATE* Ray J becomes the latest cherry in Raz-B's D-list dessert:

Eddie Long Syndrome

Pastoral Predator disease is going mainstream.

From the Clarion-Ledger:

A pastor who founded a Jackson church is accused in a lawsuit of coercing a young adult male church member into a sexual relationship while serving as his spiritual adviser and bishop.

The claims in the lawsuit in Hinds County Circuit are similar to allegations leveled against Atlanta mega-church pastor Bishop Eddie Long by four young men.

The local lawsuit was filed against Kevin Joseph Boyd, senior pastor of The Apostolic Church, 1735 Shady Lane Drive, late last month. Boyd also operates a church in New Orleans.

"Defendant Boyd has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using his authority as bishop over them to ultimately bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship," according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff, now 23 and married, is asking a jury to decide on damages on claims, including breach of fiduciary duties, fraud and negligence.

My guess is that you'll see a lot more of these lawsuit popping up since these secret sexual liaisons have long been the standard operating procedure for these hypocritical, self-loathing pastors.

Thanks, Rod 2.0!

The Dubious and Destructive Art of Patriarchy

women relinquish all personal rights/in the presence of a man/who apparently cd be considered a rapist/especially if he has been considered a friend/& is no less worthy of bein beat witin an inch of his life/bein publicly ridiculed/havin two fists shoved up his ass/than the stranger/we always thot it wd be/who never showed up/cuz it turns out the nature of rape has changed/we can now meet them in circles we frequent for companionship/we see them at the coffeehouse/wit someone else we know/we cd even have em over for dinner/& get raped in our own houses/by invitation - Ntozake Shange, "latent rapists"

This is what happens when we value masculinity over femininity and degrade women in order to be men.  This is what happens when manhood is defined in opposition to womanhood:

From the Guardian:

More than one in three South African men questioned in a survey admitted to rape, the latest evidence in the country of a violent culture of patriarchy.

Researchers found that more than three in four men said they had perpetrated violence against women.

Nearly nine in 10 men believe that a woman should obey her husband – and almost six in 10 women also agreed with the statement.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. Last year a survey by the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that 28% of men in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces said they had raped a woman or girl.

A new MRC study in Gauteng, the country's wealthiest province, found that 37.4% of men admitted having committed a rape, while 25.3% of women said they had been raped.

The survey questioned 511 women and 487 men, of whom 90% were black and 10% white.

Rachel Jewkes of the MRC said: "We see a situation where the use of violence is so widespread that not only is it seen as being legitimate but I think quite often women forget it. They just see it as a normal effect."

Jewkes cited her survey's findings on gender attitudes. Although both largely agreed that "people should be treated the same whether they are male or female", 86.7% of men and 57.9% of women also endorsed the statement that "a woman should obey her husband".

Some 53.9% of men and 29.8% of women agreed that "a man should have the final say in all family matters", while 37.3% of men and 23.2% of women supported the view that "a woman needs her husband's permission to do paid work".

Asked about sexual entitlement in marriage, only 55% of both men and women said they thought "it is possible for a woman to be raped by her husband". Some 38.7% of men and 29.3% of women thought that "a woman cannot refuse to have sex with her husband" and 22.3% of men and 8.8% of women felt that "if a wife does something wrong, her husband has the right to punish her".

The survey also found that 32% of men and women agreed that "in any rape case, one would have to question whether the victim is promiscuous", while 20.1% of men and 15.6% of women said that "in some rape cases, women want it to happen".

Jewkes said: "What we see here is a set of attitudes reflecting men's views that they are legitimate in the use of violence against women, and women in many respects acquiescing to this."

[New Music] HAM by B. Slade (featuring Squeek)

You. Are. Not. Ready. For. This. Funk.

Inspired by Prince's "Camille" period, B. Slade and alter ego Squeek are serving up a deep-funk jam for your Thanksgiving turkey.

B. Served here.

You Mad? The Sequel


The Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage are shocked and appalled that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated them as hate groups.  They simply can't understand how discriminating against filthy, disgusting homosexuals can be misconstrued as hatred; they're only observing their Christian duty to be bigots--and who could be mad at that?

Viewing homosexuality as unbiblical does not qualify organizations for listing as hate groups, a report from the group said.

Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage president, added: This is about protecting marriage. This isn't about being anti-anyone. The whole idea that somehow those folks who stand up for traditional marriage, like the Family Research Council, are hateful is wrong. [The law center is] trying to marginalize and intimidate folks for standing up for marriage and also trying to equate them somehow to the KKK.

In other words, "This isn't about me standing on your neck.  It's about me having a soft place to rest my feet."

Oh, these religious lunatics and their Giant Flying Invisible Magical Lightning Sky Daddy. Always trampling on someone's humanity and calling it religious observance. Jesus, please come take your people to your fairy castle in the clouds!

As Dan Savage pointed out: We need a cultural reckoning around gay and lesbian issues. There was once two sides to the race debate. There was once a side, you could go on television and argue for segregation, you could argue against interracial marriage, against the Civil Rights Act, against extending voting rights to African Americans, and that used to be treated as one [legitimate] side . . . of a pressing national debate, and it isn't anymore. And we really need to reach that point with gay and lesbian issues. There are no 'two sides' to the issues about gay and lesbian rights.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

History, it turns out, isn't linear at all; it's cyclical.  And no matter how many times we circle the track, we believe it's the first time we've seen it.

Dumb asses.

Read the full article at the Washington Post.

Everybody's Protest Novel

Snatched from the pages of Wonder Woman come the black Hebrew Israelites

These men are courageous.

I'm not talking about the black Hebrew Israelites preaching their classic homoantagonistic and ill-informed messages of divine and biblical hatred.  The easiest (and most cowardly) thing in the world to do is to jump on the bandwagon as it tramples over the oppressed. (And you just know that this all-male organization of misogynists is filled to the brim with closet cocksuckers.)

No, I'm talking about the flamboyant young men who decided to publicly challenge these hatemongers by giving them fever as only they could.  Their runway protest served to punctuate the clownishness of the black Israelite rhetoric. Talk about being brave. Talk about a revelation.

Protest never looked so fierce. And it begins at around the 3:13 mark:

Thanksgiving Mourning

Know your history:

These people in the Caribbean have no creed and they are not idolaters, but they are very gentle and do not know what it is to be wicked, or to kill others, or to steal...and they are sure that we come from Heaven. So your Highnesses should resolve to make them Christians, for I believe that if you begin, in a little while you will achieve the conversion of a great number of peoples to our holy faith, with the acquisition of great lordships and riches and all their inhabitants for Spain. For without doubt there is a very great amount of gold in these lands....

They brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks' bells. They willingly traded everything they owned. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

- Christopher Columbus

Valley of the Muted Rainbow

Chris Brown and his homey-lover-friend?

Crazy is as crazy does.

In the latest episode of I'm Not Gay, I'm Just A Man Who Has Sex with Men comes this rather...interesting character named "Jordan." (What is it with the "J" names?)

Jordan claims that, from time to time, he and Chris Brown (yes, that Chris Brown) get it in, but neither of them are gay. He says:

"I’m not gay. Chris isn’t gay. I mean, if your definition of somebody being gay is somebody fuckin’ around occasionally then whatever, but you know, I ain’t gay. Whatever went on between me and Chris is really our business. I don’t really have to go into detail about what’s going on, but if that’s why you came to this video then you’re going to be disappointed. Whatever occurred between us is our business."

It's your business, but you put it on YouTube? Right. Sounds like shenanigans to me.

Personally, I think Jordan's story is a bunch of nonsense. But if you'd like to see this father of two talk about his (non)relationship with Chris Brown, and how it was his texts that caused the fight between Brown and Rihanna (*eye roll*), watch the video below. And visit Queerty for the full scoop.

Son of Baldwin's Sexiest Men of 2010

Several of my friends (female and male) and I recently reviewed Salon's "Men on Top" list and we were immediately struck by how Eurocentric the list was (with a couple of token representations for political correctness). In response, we've compiled our own list.  We ranked each of the men on a scale from one to 10 in each of the following categories: aesthetic, physique, intelligence, attitude and artistry.  We then added up the totals of each candidate and came up with the average and ranked them accordingly.

Introducing Son of Baldwin's Sexiest Men of 2010:

15. Tristan Wilds: This young hottie made the list more because of his work on The Wire than on 90210.  But his dashing smile, cute dimples, and rather hefty assets (ahem) make him a shoe-in for the 15th spot.

14. Channing Tatum: This actor/dancer/model has a certain urban edge that makes him less vanilla and more butterscotch. He has chiseled good looks and he's good dancer.  And if he's an expert dancer, we're certain he can do other things expertly as well.

13. John Amaechi: The intellectual teddy bear! Probably more than anyone else on the list, this is a case where incomparable intelligence, honesty, and athleticism combine to make the ultimate sexiness cocktail.  Intellect is sexy all on its own, but even moreso on a hunk.

12. Dwayne Johnson: Believe it or not, this actor/wrestler (a.k.a. "The Rock") got his highest marks for attitude.  And it's true: He seems like an all-around nice guy.  And it doesn't hurt that his body is sculpted to perfection.

11. Ricky Martin: Intelligence is the key component of this Latin singer's sexiness.  There's nothing like a man who speaks his truth courageously and articulately.  And let's not forget the fact that he's just plain handsome.

10. John Cho: This Korean American actor was cited for his clean aesthetic, warm demeanor, high style, and boy-next-door good looks.  Think of him as the guy most likely to get a date because he seems entirely genuine.

9. Omari Hardwick: This newcomer to the acting world scored high in most categories, even after co-starring in Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls as the deceptive, down-low husband of Janet Jackson's character. And you can see why from the photo.

8. Isaiah Mustafa: The Old Spice Guy, to his friends.  This man's body puts the Greek gods to shame (from both the front and especially the back).  And his upbeat personality makes him seem like a joy to be around.  We like men with a sense of humor.

7. Nahum Bromfield: You've probably never heard of this guy (check him out here), but after this we hope you'll never forget him.  This English actor of Caribbean descent has the cutest accent and a down-to-earth beauty.  It's a testament to corner boys everywhere that we know so little about him and yet he ranked so highly.  I guess we projected all of our fantasies onto this (gorgeous) blank slate.

6. Adam Rodriguez:  Blessed with a rugged sensitivity, Mr. Rodriguez of CSI: Miami and I Can Do Bad All By Myself fame is just plain handsome in every way imaginable: the eyes, the hair, the body--and he makes it all look so incredibly effortless.

5. Jensen Atwood: Noah's Arc fans will remember this b-boy hottie with fondness.  He was part of TV's first black gay couple and had hearts throbbing all across the country.  We think he's just a naturally good-looking fellow.

4. Lance Gross: We call him Mr. Sexual Chocolate.  The skin is flawless.  The body is banging.  The swagger is both smooth and unassuming.  And best of all, he hasn't (yet) succumbed to the "I think I'm all that," to which many men in his industry fall victim. Good looking guys are even more good looking when they're modest about it.

3. Idris Elba: You want to talk about swagger? This man is as much at home with Shakespeare as he is on the corner of a Baltimore ghetto. Chivalrous, self-assured, and somewhere between charming and sly, this thespian has the sort of old-school, "man's man" sex appeal that left most of my friends fanning themselves with makeshift church fans.

 2. Reggie Bush: If you have eyes, you should be able to see how sexy Reggie is without us breathing a word.  Beautiful smile, beautiful skin, beautiful body, beautiful personality, all topped off by incredible athletic skill.  What's not to love?

1. Barack Obama: Our dashing president. As seductive as power can be, that isn't why he made this list.  He made this list because he's genuinely handsome, has a great sense of humor, and has the best body (and behind) any president has ever had.  And on top of all of that, he's smarter than everyone else in the country.  In order words, he's the entire package.

Honorable mention: Jay Smooth, Mehcad Brooks, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Luke, Taye Diggs, Robin Thicke, Mario, Daniel Dae Kim, Columbus Short, Hill Harper, Michael Ealy, Pooch Hall, Boris Kodjoe, Brady Quinn, Jeremy Bloom, Lewis Hamilton, Will Genia, Trey Songz, and Blair Underwood.

What did you think of this list?  Who did we leave out? Who should we have left off?  Tell us!

(And special thanks to the Son of Baldwin voting committee: Deidre, Natasha, Shawnette, Michelle, Eudora, Mike, Rico, Simon, and Bradley.)

Take it or leave it!

I don't have too much to say in this post. Just roll with me, k? I'm the textbook description of a yo-yo dieter. I can stay on a diet, so long as I'm not hungry. Which means, I break it every 4-6 hours ;) I just love food, sue me! And I'm not a "big dude", I'm not even "chubby". Most (embarrassingly fem) guys like to mask their weight by saying their "thick", but to be considered as such, you must be... beefy, that's me. I'm beefy; I have SOLID weight on me (in all the right places).

I try to tell my best friend all the time that girls aren't the only ones that go through weight-issues. Especially when the ideal guy in today's age is considered Tall, 12-packed and drop-dead gorgeous. But what about me? I may wake up one day and think "eh... I could stand to lose 10 or 15 lbs" and other days I'm like "daaaammmnnnn!!! I gotta ROCKIN body!"

So I'm halfway from the gym today and I have the sudden epiphany: what the hell am I doing this for? My doctor says I have a healthy weight on me, and my boo loves the extra meat on my bones, so why am I on my way to the gym as if I'm programmed to do so? That's when I realized: damn it, this is me, take it or leave it! It's not to say that I won't still work out, because I feel good while I'm doing it, but I promise myself that from now on, I'm going to work out and diet because it's what I want to do and not because I feel like I have to fit into a certain body-shape/weight.

So, tonight's pics are in honor of the thick dudes! To whom I prefer over skinny guys any day! Remember the show Gumby back in the day? All tall and skinny? yeah, I'll let you guys handle that, give me a thick-em anyday!!! (thanks for reading my rant!)


To Crush a Serpent

"Yes, Judge.  One of them had a dick that was this thick." The homophobic homosexual, Bishop Eddie Long

Being a preacher ain't never stopped a nigger from doing his dirt. 
-James Baldwin, Go Tell It On the Mountain

As I and many others had predicted.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A status conference hearing was held Friday in DeKalb County State Court on several lawsuits filed against Bishop Eddie Long, alleging he used his influence, trips and gifts to coerce four young men into having sex.

Lawyers for both sides met with Judge Johnny Panos and tentatively set February for a mediation session and July for a pre-trial conference.

"Both sides seemed to be pretty open to discussion of a quick resolution of the case whether through trial or negotiation settlements," said Panos.

Looks like Eddie might be ready to throw some coins at these boys so they can stop putting his shady business on Front Street.

Eddie's parishioners will be pleased to know that their bishop is going to remain snugly in his closet.  Business as usual.

Carry on.

Read the full article here.

"The Gay Hunt"

I think it's time for a little levity, no?

Gay Hunt brought to you by Videobash

The Faggot Wake-up Call

From Spike Lee's School Daze, Laurence Fishburne: Wake up!

The trouble with a secret life is that it is very frequently a secret from the person who lives it and not at all a secret for the people he encounters.
-James Baldwin

I had a very brief, but interesting and cordial conversation with Joseph, the subject of my previous posting “Love Is Where You Find It.” (It turns out that the gay community is, indeed, small and Joseph and I have a friend in common.)

He had wondered why his essay had caused so much controversy and I remarked that I didn’t think it caused any controversy whatsoever, just an opportunity for discussion. He said that would only be true if my essay was the only response he read. He also wondered why so many people focused on that first part of his essay and not the part that talked about HIV education (he did, by the way, offer some compelling insights on how to reach a particular population with information to prevent the spread of the disease). I imagine that people focused on the introduction because it was so incredibly inflammatory.

He then posed a question:

"Do you think 'gay' and 'homosexual' mean the same thing?"

I told him that I honestly believed the words were as synonymous as the dictionary indicated. But I also told him that both labels were irrelevant and that the bigotry and violence we face as men who love men and men who have sex with men is contingent upon our romantic or sexual actions. Homophobic oppressors, it turns out, don’t really give a fuck what we call or don’t call ourselves. If we’re two men loving or having sex with one another, in the eyes of those who despise us, we’re faggots—period. To imagine that we can escape that judgment through a sincere alteration of previously established identities and the contrivance of false distinctions—that is, if we renounce our allegiance to the most “offensive” elements of our community (read: the out sissies) and form a new alliance with the oppressor—is, in its own strange way, noble, clever even, but also incredibly naïve.

History provides us with a precedent: The descendants of Africans in this country have gone from niggers to Negroes to colored to black to African American to people of color. It makes us feel better to be regarded with the label of our own choosing—particularly if we suppose that the label provides a distinction between ourselves and the “bad” members (read: niggers) in our group. The labels prove useless, however, in preventing the police officer’s baton from busting our heads open. They have been ineffective in protecting us from how casually and callously he shoots us down in the street. Even those of us who have done precisely what we’ve been told to do, behave exactly how we were told to behave so as not to incur the oppressor’s wrath find that we encounter it anyway. Ask Henry Louis Gates, Jr. This occurrence is known, affectionately and admonishingly, in various places around the country, amongst black folk, as the “Nigger Wake-up Call.” A call to remind us that united we stand, divided we fall.

I’d like to think of this, then, as a loving, cautionary “Faggot Wake-up Call" and this is the point I tried to make to Joseph, a position he seemed to understand even if he did not completely agree. But others, those who hyper-identified with Joseph’s position, viewed my original essay not as an attempt at discussion, but as a call for war. They thought I was advocating that all men who have sex with men immediately stop hiding, come out of their respective closets and tell the entire world who they fuck. I could certainly imagine worse things, and no one seems to have a problem with heterosexuals announcing—routinely and in a myriad of ways—who they fuck. But that’s not at all what I was promoting.

Specifically, I was rallying against the reasons for Joseph’s position, namely, the religious and familial bigotry that left him feeling so ashamed of his sexuality that he had to draw an imaginary line between himself and all the other men out there having sex with other men, an act designed to make him feel superior to them (in his rebuttal to my essay, Joseph insists that “gay” and “homosexual” mean two different things, but he, himself, uses the two terms interchangeably throughout). What I was denouncing was the idea that femininity—expressed as vouging, diva worship, and various other behaviors deemed unbecoming of “real men”—is what makes one categorically gay (as opposed to simply homosexual). In his original essay, it seemed pretty clear to me that what Joseph was using to distinguish himself from the gay title was his own Christian values and his perception of male femininity.

But others disagreed. Words evolve—I was told—whether I liked it or not. The difference between being gay and being homosexual, in no uncertain terms, is that gays make their whole lives about their sexuality, while homosexuals are simply male human beings who just happen to have sex with other male human beings. I wonder if that works with other groups. Are “niggers” people who make their whole lives about their race, while “people of color” are human beings who just happen to have dark skin? Are “bitches” people who make their whole lives about having a vagina and “women” human beings who just happen to have one? More importantly, whose interests do such paradigms serve? (Sounds like an effective divide and conquer strategy to me.)

I’d like to think that I’m smart enough to recognize bullshit when I smell it. Here is as much truth as one can bear: There is a sociopolitical movement urging black men to stop identifying as gay and start identifying as Same Gender Loving because some white gay activists refuse to include matters affecting black gays in their agenda and because the media refuses to meaningfully and honestly portray the lives of black gays. It's a conscious and organized protest. And I can get with that.  However, this is not what these individuals I’m dealing with are trafficking in.

No, these men are not political; semantics is an entirely different matter.  These men are afraid--perhaps rightfully so. They don’t want to be associated (at least, not publicly) with the feminine men they view with contempt. They want nothing to do with Same Gender Loving men who might occasionally wear pumps and a dress or who dare to hold hands in public (Oh, the horror!). They despise the connection because they’re witnesses to how the oppressor regards effeminate men (with scorn and brutality) and they wish, more than anything, to escape that fate. Sissies, they believe, bring it all upon themselves for being so unmanly; and simply by existing so openly and freely, they make it tough for anyone else who might want to get fucked in the ass (and believe me when I tell you: It’s the ones who get fucked in the ass who loathe sissies most). So men like Joseph believe that with the invention of another term, they will be put in a different, safer, holier, manlier, more clandestine category.

If only secrets remained so. If only history were on their side.

Whatever our disagreement, Joseph is my brother. I wish him nothing but the greatest happiness. Though I imagine he’s going to realize—quickly and I hope not too painfully—that his joy will be dependent on much more than what he chooses to call himself. hit me up!!!

For those who don't know, is this lil website where you can ask people (assuming they have an account w/formspring) questions anonymously or otherwise. Just go to and ask me aaannnyytthhing you ever wanted to ask me and I'll answer as truthfully as I can. <3 love you guyz (and galz).

Okay, a few posts back I asked you all if you knew any good porn sites; I got plenty of feedback and I've narrowed my Phallus down to The site looks HELLA promising, but I just wish they had free downloads. Video on Demand is great, but what if I'm away from my WiFi and I want to bust a quick nut? idk, so, I guess I'll still be searching around until my cheap ass decides to subscribe. Have any of you been there? What's your opinion of it?  do you get a good stretch of your dollar? Lol, you think this is bad, you should see me in the grocery store; I'm the cheapest person you know! smh!

In other news... why have I been so horny lately? Seriously! Every poem I write lately gets hella kinky by the third stanza. I guess it's b/c I haven't had any in like a week. My dude has been in Chicago with his dad on some family emergency-type stuff. Granted, he's sent me a few dick pics on some "as soon as I get back..." stuff ;) but still, I'm not even used to jackin' off w/o him on my nipples or something! Lol, I'm spoiled! But, he'll be back in a few days so, Xtube, Pornhub, Blogger, looks like I'm masturbating like some high school freshman sex-deprived virgin. Real talk. Anywho, ya'll know I tend to ramble...

Enjoy the pics!