DL Chronicles

DL Chronicles is a great show produced by Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett. It first premiered back in 2007 and was an immediate hit. Well HERE TV, bought the rights for it and aired it for awhile before shelving it and not living up to a promise to produce a 2nd season. This is very similar to how LOGO fucked over Patrick Ian Polk and his show "Noah's Arc". It became quite evident that mainstream white LGBT networks didn't want to promote shows featuring positive images of People of Color in the LGBT community.

Now that the rights to the DL Chronicles are now back in the hands of the creators, they are launching a campaign to relaunch this great show for 2012. Below is a video which they explain what happened, whats' going on now and what they are planning for the future. It would be awesome if you can lend your financial support to them so we can see more great programs as the DL Chronicles.

You can contribute by going to this website by clicking here.