"A friend of mine is dying and there's nothing I can do,
like so many of us in the ballroom community, I was vocal, I was loud and I was
strong about whether my house won a trophy but I was quiet to the escorting,
drugs and unsafe sexual practices. 

I laughed with him when he told me his
sexual escapades but didn’t bother to ask “hey did you have protected sex?”
When others escorted and prostituted I just looked the other way and went to my
office job. When they partied hard and used their particular “drug services”, I
turned and walked away quietly. When we went to clubs or balls, I spend plenty
of money to buy drinks or paid their admission but I never asked “Do you have
money for your meds?” 

Now it’s too late and all I can do is sit with them cry
and talk about the good times. The good times came with a price my silence came
with a price. As I watch life fade from him every day I can’t help but to ask
why I didn’t do more, why didn’t we all do more? Right now my friend can’t
speak he can barely move, all he can do is look at me and his eyes speaks
volumes to me, to my soul. My friend is dying and there’s nothing I can