Azz for days...

Hey hey hey! So... How do you like the new template? It still needs a bit of adjusting but I'm going GaGa over it! That man in the background is none other than Jamel Jamero. Whenever I change the background, I'll let you all know who it is (if I know my damn self, lol).

Hmm.... Fingers Crossed to all of my College Students kicking ass out there at the start of this semester! I'm only taking classes on Tuesdays but it's from 6pm to 10pm... Yuck...

Huh? What's that? What music am I listening to? Click on these here links:

Turn To Stone-- Ingrid Michaelson

Let's Do It Again -- Staple Singers

All I Wanna Do-- Sheryl Crow

Feelin' On Yo Booty -- R. Kelly

...Forget an Apple... I say "An Ass a day keeps the Doctor away"...
*sighs* why are Men so damn sexy???


Enjoy the pics! (that pic of the dude in the red boxers had Rob GONE!)