the center of
pathology is the individual's inability to control the self. One of the amazing
things about the human mind when one looks at it from the point of view of the
so-called unconscious, is that the individual who does not know himself and does
not know reality, is the individual who escapes from self-knowledge, is an
individual who does not know the roots and bases of his actions. 

 He is an individual who seems to be determined by external forces (or by internal forces) of which he has little or no knowledge. He is often constantly puzzled by his own behavior. He is often a wonderment to himself. He struggles against impulses, desires and wishes over which he has little or no control because he has, in his escape from self-knowing and reality, conceded his self-control and given it over to someone else. 

In releasing his identity and permitting another
to place an identity within his psyche, he has at the same time placed in the
hands of that other the ability to control his behavior."